248 Fashion House

248 Fashion House was established in 2017 in Cihangir Istanbul by the creative directorship of Nihal Burakgazi. The story of its name has a numerological and mystical background. The totem of “seeing the numbers 2, 4, and 8 together brings healing and luck” is affiliated with the brand.

One & Only

Launched in the years when Nihal Burakgazi was the design manager of ready-to-wear companies producing fast and high quantities, the brand also embraces the recycling approach.
248 Fashion House repositions materials (fabric, accessories, and textile) selected from the stock wastes of companies that produce for export, then designs capsule collections under the 'bohemian princesses’ concept.

248 Dresses

248 Fashion House gives production consultancy to various brands and reproduces capsule collections consisting only of dress designs on special order.

248 Antique

The indispensable passion of Nihal Burakgazi, the founder and creative director of the brand, is collecting antiques … And, vintage pieces… A unique archive created by the pieces collected from different places, including primarily European, American, Middle Eastern, and Arab countries.

Best Friends & Brands

In this category, 248 Fashion House aims to combine valuable brands felt close to its soul with its style and introduce them to its audience...

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